March 26, 2008

I am simultaneously everywhere!

Defying the laws of physics, a la Bugs Bunny; a la that guy in the Matrix who Keanu Reeves had to fight 100 of — you thought you’d punched the last of me in the face, but no, there’s more of me yet!

First there’s last night’s recap of the reading at Rapture Cafe (which I’ll present to you sans picture, because one picture of me reading does not look at all different from every other picture of me reading): Ed Hamilton read a true story about Harry Smith‘s zombie from his book, Legends of the Chelsea Hotel; I performed the short play A Flaming Asteroid Hits My Ex-Boss in the Nuts, then read a short selection from the new book. DJ Max Klaxxon played the beautiful and groovy tunes, and Amy Gewirtz was yenta-ing all over the room, telling everyone that she’d “just got in a new batch of men in their thirties and forties.” Also got to catch a drink with Jami and Lauren before the show; to see Rachel, Virginia, Carolyn, Holly, Nichelle, and Thaddeus; and to meet Maud Newton, of Maud Newton fame. I know, that’s a lot of names to drop. Thank god there are, like, twenty of me to pick them back up again.

Then there’s the recap of this afternoon’s visit to HS 47, The American Sign Language & English Secondary School, where I spent an hour and a half reading, talking, and writing with the students, who shared some of their own short memoir pieces, many of them knockouts. I’m a proud New York City public high school graduate, and few things make me as happy as visiting schools, meeting committed and passionate teachers, and talking with the students about writing. Again, no pictures, but you can probably imagine the face-eating smile.

Meanwhile, here’s a lovely interview with me, and a chance to win a free copy of Have You Frowned Her :), on Amy Guth’s Big Mouth Indeed Strikes Again; and a short essay I wrote, entitled “Trying on My Dude Suit,” about writing from the male perspective, on Kore Press’s Persephone Speaks (while you’re there, check out last month’s entry by Tayari Jones).

Tomorrow: Other people — what’s their deal?

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