May 26, 2016

Possible blog topics

Book reviews
Daily life
Random encounters with people in which I am the hero
Not politics or social issues
Not even the ones I feel strongly about
I spent so many years blogging about politics and social issues and mostly what I got from it was hate mail
Now that seems weak of me, to say I don’t want to blog because of hate mail
Like I’m letting “them” silence my voice
But honestly my voice does not feel like voicing on that subject anymore
Not here, anyway
It’s not that I’m not politically active, because I am
I march, I give money, I give time
I put a lot of work into my protest signs
I reblog a lot of social justice posts on my Tumblr
I stick up for people in person
I try not to flame people on Facebook when they disagree with me like the stupid shits they are
So it’s not like I don’t do anything concrete to support the ideas and values that matter most to me
I just don’t want to blog about politics or social issues
There are already so many good blogs out there for that purpose
The word “blog” itself could be and no doubt has been the subject of umptillion blog posts
In 2012 I was trying to put together a book proposal and I asked a young friend to help me with the Marketing section and she said don’t use the word blog it makes you sound really old
I am really not that old but her point was well taken
“Blog” is such a 2006 thing to say
Ugh, 2006
I quit smoking weed kind of in 2006 through 2010
Then in 2010 I had a meltdown and went on psych meds
And I figured, if I’m medicating, let me really medicate
So here we are now, vaping in the office
I guess I could write about drugs
Like in March, when I live blogged some mushrooms
People seemed to respond well to that
But I don’t want to be a drug blogger
I don’t want that to be my whole identity:
Janice Erlbaum, drug person
Although when I was mostly kind of not smoking for those three and a half years I did subtly feel a minor sense of loss of identity
The memoirist Nick Flynn talked about something similar
How he went to a men’s shelter to talk to the residents and the security guard mistook him for a resident and patted him down
And how grateful he was that he hadn’t fully lost the affect of his street self
And I totally understood that
Few things made me happier when I was volunteering at a shelter than being mistaken for a resident
I still volunteer but not at the shelter
And I’m behind the scenes with no client contact
Which is so much better for everyone, SO much better
Maybe I will blog about that sometime
Random encounters with people in which I am the hero
Random encounters with people in which I am the asshole and I never forgive myself and more than two months later I am still arguing in my head with the person
Advice to readers who write in with questions
Advice about writing
Advice about book proposals and how you shouldn’t use the word blog in your Marketing section because it makes you sound really old
A caveat that you should not take advice from me but just consider what I say as part of the panoply of perspectives that might or might not apply to you
My dead mother
Even though I’m sick of the subject
Because I have pages upon pages of already-written material about her so that would save me some agonizing over what to blog about
I could just import all that shit into the blog interface and let it autopost excerpts for a decade
I wrote this whole thing about my ex that I was really eager to post but now I’m not sure
I was so excited while I was writing it though
I thought it was the best thing I ever wrote
But then I started working on something else
Which was definitely the best thing I ever wrote for kids ages 10-14
And even though that’s done now I feel like I kind of ran out of steam on the ex thing
I could post cat pictures
All the gofundme’s I get in my Facebook feed
Because now people are being forced to beg for money from their friends so they don’t die from lack of medical care or housing
Not politics or social issues
Epic poems about life in the postapocalyptic garbage-scavenging economy
Recipes for vegetarians
Recipes for disaster
Cat videos
Videos of baby animals or incongruous animal friends

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  1. Hugh says:

    (VERY) Cool pic. (light fantastic!)

    Reminds me of a brief encounter i once had with a sestina … lifetimes ago.

    Cooler (by infinity-degrees) that you’re back.


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