June 22, 2016

Abortion Party

I wrote a movie, and the hubs helped me make it.


It’s a heartwarming, tender tale of female friendships. And abortion.

Synopsis: Amanda’s boyfriend knocked her up and left town, so she’s invited her best friends to come over and take care of her while she has an at-home medical abortion. Melanie is the doormat/helper type, and Elle is a glamorous narcissist. Neither of them likes the other, but they both love Amanda, and they both want to be her favorite friend. How will the emotional dynamics of such a tumultuous day unfold?

Starring Shacottha Fields, Alexis Lambright, and Lauren Ashley Smith. Shot, edited, and co-directed by Bill Scurry.

Abortion Party has been accepted into the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, and will be screening for cast and crew on July 9.

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