August 5, 2016


I assume that you wish to fume about your doom.
This nurse nursed the worst right from the first.
She asked that all be masked as in the past.
Jim, I am now in a gem of a jam.
He played the flute and then flew from sight.
Your lure is sure and your loot cute, to boot.
I wish I could flush a fish from this bush.
Prepare a telegram for the program, Grandmother.
Tell them not to hum when they sew the hem.
Had you been in the den, you would have heard the din.
Out of my mouth came description of the drought.
The thick juice made the deck slick.
All right, Peg, don’t be vague about the egg.
Beyond the fund, I was fond of the fun lovers.
The meaning of the buzz is to call for a pause and that’s the way it was always.


Disneyland Talkers 10





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