October 4, 2016

A Nouncement


“Joy Peskin at Farrar, Straus and Giroux has acquired world rights to LUCKY LITTLE THINGS, a middle grade novel by Girlbomb author Janice Erlbaum, about what happens when Emma, an eighth grader who hasn’t had much good fortune recently, receives a mysterious note informing her that her luck is about to change. Publication is scheduled for 2018; the author represented herself.”

I’m writing for kids ages 10-14 now. Because when you think “Girlbomb,” you think “appropriate for children.”

PS: I represented myself, nyah.

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  1. Alexandra Comer says:

    I checked your website after not coming here for a couple of years and I see you have a new book out! Now, I know why I decided to come here after being away! I love your books. I just bought the new one on Amazon!

    I’m a former NYer who grew up in Westbeth and I’ve loved your writing for so long. I’m so glad you keep writing! You are in good company because seeing you have a new book out is like when I see David Sedaris has new book out.


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